How to think of a startup idea

Trying to start a business but cant get any new idea? Well what if I say that you don’t necessarily need an out of the box idea to start a startup, you just need to be a little innovative with the existing ones. I you cannot work you ass off from the time you wake up till the time you go to sleep then you should probably stop thinking about starting a startup. You better get a 9–5 job and wait for the weekends to partying so that it makes you think that you are enjoying life 1. Look for a problem and then find its solution But its been 2 decades since the startup generation started and so many people are involved in this that most of the problems are already solved. Almost everything is there in the market. But who knows, you might end up finding a problem or an issue whose solution hasn’t been found yet. 2. Take an existing product, make it better and give it back to customers The example of this model is Google. Google just wanted to create a search engine that didn’t suck. So they modified the search algorithm that existed at that time with few more algorithms like back linking and forward linking. So google now rules the search engine market. This doesn’t means that launching another search engine is not profitable. Well, Algolia did it just by changing the product a little bit, they decided to provide fast searching api’s to companies. I don’t want to go into the details of what Algolia does so please google it you want to get into the details I am not saying that you should capture all the market, the population is huge and so is the market. Even if you get 1% of the population as your customers then you can generate a decent amount of revenue So if a startup idea already exists then don’t drop it, instead focus on what makes it unique. The potential of an idea should not be judged by whether there is a comparable solution on the market. 3. Make an existing business scalable Have you guys heard of Business of selling clothes in shops already existed and they just made this business scalable by putting this business online and just changing the idea a little bit. What about Publishing stories already existed. They just made it scalable. 4. Copy another business idea This happens a lot in the business world. I’ll not name the companies who have done this but you can google it. If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs. Through my startup journey, I discovered these ways by which anyone can think about a new startup idea. If you guys know any other way then please share in the comment box. Hope the reader of this article finds a good idea.



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