Message Classifier - Spam blocker, SMS organizer

Message Classifier, a new AI powered app that automatically classifies and sorts your SMS inbox into Personal, Important, Passwords and Spam category to help you declutter your SMS Inbox so that you never miss an important SMS message. The app automatically decides that the SMS that you received is important to you or not and notifies you only if the SMS is important for you in any manner. So if you are irritated of receiving spam SMS all day then this is the perfect app for you.
Message Classifier's key Features:

  • SMS Classifier Filters spam from ones like personal, important and password messages.
  • Save time and avoid disturbance from notifications of promotional/spam messages everyday. Manage your notifications Choose for yourself for the category of messages you would like to be notified and avoid the rest.
  • Copy OTP easily, no more opening the app just to view/copy the OTP. Just a tap and the OTP is copied to your clipboard.
  • Dual Sim Support Message Classifier has full support for dual sim devices.
  • A new Material Theme on every run Enjoy a different Material Color theme each time you run the app. A one of it’s kind experience.
  • The best Artificial Intelligence in your hands The app uses the world's best artificial intelligence model to sort and organize the messages into different categories and keep you protected from spam/promotional SMS messages.
  • Unread Messages at one place All the unread SMS messages organized at one place so that you don't miss any kind of useful information.
  • Energy efficient The app is designed in a such a way that it does not drain your battery.  Install Message Classifier, the best SMS messaging app now and enhance your SMS experience. The easiest way to filter out the useless and unwanted SMS messages and keep your inbox organized and clean.

Message Classifier